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STI Course 1 : Essentials of Strategic Thinking and Innovation


Essentials of Strategic Thinking and Innovation is an introductory course to strategic thinking and innovation. The course focuses on this core competency, the concepts related to it, and its value as a success competency for Southeast Asian school heads like you.

About the Course

Essentials of Strategic Thinking and Innovation is a flexible learning course that focuses on strategic thinking and innovation as a success competency of Southeast Asian school heads.

The competency is based on the Competency Framework for Southeast Asian School Heads (CFSH). The CFSH was produced and validated by education experts, school heads, and practitioners from the eleven member countries of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO).

SEAMEO INNOTECH’s Flexible Learning Management System (iFLEX) is the Learning Management System for this course. While learners can follow easy-to-learn instructions on their own, they still have learning collaborations with their co-learners. All learning materials are accessible via iFLEX.

The Learning Journey

MODULE 1: The Changing Educational Landscape

One of the greatest impacts of the pandemic is on school systems around the world. No matter where or how countries manage the basic educational system, the pandemic has wrought havoc while schools grapple to make learning continue for the children. This is the greatest challenge that the school leaders face.

MODULE 2: Understanding Strategic Thinking and Innovation

In understanding strategic thinking and innovation, it is essential that a school head is well-equipped with its principles and practices and how it applies to the school head. Practicing strategic thinking and innovation will help school heads effectively address the challenges of the school. In this module, you will be introduced to the core principles of strategic thinking and innovation and how a school head exemplifies this competency.

MODULE 3: The School Head as Strategic Thinker and Innovator

Strategic thinking and innovation is not merely a concept—it is a course of action. As a school head, you need to both develop and demonstrate the ability to think critically, solve complex problems, and chart an innovative strategy for your school.

This module focuses on two school heads from the Philippines and Thailand whose strategic and innovative solutions led their schools to progress, despite uncertain and challenging events.

MODULE 4: Significance of Outcomes in a Project / Program

In this module, you will discover the importance of recognizing the outputs and outcomes of your school programs and projects on your stakeholders—students, teachers, and parents. Outputs are the direct results of a program or a project, while outcomes are long-term changes on stakeholders due to a program or a project.

Course Synthesis

This part summarizes all the knowledge and learnings you have gained from the course. Dr. Tinsiri Siribodhi, Deputy Secretary General of the Teachers’ Council of Thailand, synthesizes the concept of strategic thinking and innovation.

Learning Elements

This course includes the following learning elements:

nullExpert Videos

a series of short videos featuring experts who discuss the topic, provide examples, and share useful strategies. Audio-only versions are also available

Learning Journal

a digital tool that contains worksheets and reflection prompts to help document the learning journey


activities that invite critical reflection and practical application of the topics

Forum and Live Sessions

a space to discuss and share thoughts, insights, and questions

Table of Contents